Garage Organizing

The garage tends to be a catch-all location for the items you use seasonally and occasionally because you don’t have room in your home or don’t have any other storage. Your garage can become a non-functional and disorderly storage unit.

Garage Plus organization products transform your space into a clean, efficient and functional space that you may not have thought was possible. Garage Plus offers garage organizing solutions for: wall organizing, overhead storage, garage cabinetry, garage flooring, ceiling storage, motorized lifts and more. Enjoy the benefits of planned storage for your tools, seasonal decorations, recreational equipment and other items while being able to park your car inside your garage again.


With all the storage solutions options and designs available from Garage Plus, your garage space can be readily converted to a living space you’ve only dreamed about. Imagine a space in your home that you can claim as your own. A space that resonates with with your personality whether it be the great outdoors type, a fitness fanatic or a carpenter extraordinaire. Envision turning your garage into the ultimate games room or a sophisticated showroom for your prized automobile. The options are endless and the solutions are available from Garage Plus to make it a reality.

From design consultation and concept to product suggestions and complete renovation, let Garage Plus transform your garage from floor to ceiling to reflect your personality and lifestyle!

Garage Plus


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Garage Plus operates under the ownership of Hudson Doors Plus in London, Ontario. The purpose of Garage Plus is to offer products that completely transform the usable space in your garage. Enjoy being in your garage again and store away the season products with ease with the Garage Plus total garage makeover product-line.